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on github, your profile contributions graph is a record of contributions you've made to github repositories - commits, pull requests, code reviews, issue reporting, etc. contributions are only counted if they meet certain criteria. among those criteria is not the signicance of your contribution, just that it happened. a pull request for a crucial bug fix holds the same weight as a pull request as a cosmetic typo.

git commitment unsuccessfully quantifies the contributions you make not to code repositories, but to your relationships. acts of care, emotional investment, expressions of compassion, empathy, and intimacy - your commitment - can only be counted in discrete increments. git commitment cannot weigh the signficance of any 'contribution' to your relationships - only that they happened. something like saying i love you ️️❤️ might just be one contribution - whether it was a heartfelt full-throated expression of genuine love, or an automatic response to signify the end of a phone call. are you performing as part of an automated process, or genuinely emoting?

what qualifies as a 'contribution' to your relationships is something that can resist computation or quantifcation. moreover the results are self reported. git commitment therefore is not just a measure of relationships, or a journal, but a report of self-worth or self importance. it may rely on the idea of the relationship as something transactional, in which you need to offer something consistently. it may not.

you can make your own commitment heatmap:

git commitment was built by jarret bryan under the care of the school for poetic computation. the data visualization was made using d3.js. the site is hosted using the dat protocol, and styled using tachyons.